Unfortunately, you won’t have the ability to do this. Using a single account for multiple connections can result in your IP address and username being blocked. With that said, you do have the ability to buy an additional connection for an extra fee.

IP networks are optimized to use the best connections possible so users can receive high quality output. We maintain performance levels on our end to ensure the highest quality possible on a regular basis.

Updated H264 technologies are used for our IPTV streams, giving users the highest quality and compression settings available. The sizes of IPTV streams are approximately 8 Mbit. When channels are changed, the H264 protocol might be moderately higher. As such, a 16 Mbit internet connection is the minimum speed required (for HD channels, at least 30 Mbit is needed).

Various devices are supported by us, including Smart TV, Kodi, VLC, PC, Vu+, DreamBox, Enigma, Android Boxes, Android Smart Phones, and Max.

Satellite or dish equipment is not necessary to use IPTV. Our servers will connect you to the IPTV platform using your internet connection.

Internet Protocol Television (aka IPTV) has numerous benefits. It is an inexpensive option in the current market and includes a slew of telecommunications providers. There are new channels on the horizon, so the variety is always expanding.

There are a couple of fundamental IPTV systems used to access content. IPTV systems can be channeled from a broadcast platform and displayed to multiple viewers simultaneously. IPTV systems can be used to offer VOD (video on demand). The system is accessed with a set-top box (along with relevant accessories).

In the modern era, there are plenty of ways television content can be watched, one of which is through IPTV (which stands for Internet Protocol Television). It is accessed by way of internet protocols, and the service can be used to synchronize telecommunications through broadband connections. In fact, any service that allows packet data can be utilized for IPTV.

Ensure your playlist functions on your computer using VLC player or on the IPTV Player.

If you own Tizen TVs or webOS and you have multicast streams, the HTTP to UDP function must be switched on in the app’s settings and router setup.

Sure. This is achievable since you can set up certain apps from the Google Play store, which will make your television somewhat interactive. Other apps can be used on your television, too, including Skype, Firefox, and Gmail!

We regularly suggest ethernet connections (device hardware) for optimal resolution.

An Android TV box is basically a small computer operating an Android-based OS and runs various apps, the “XMBC Remote” being one of them.

To begin with, inspect your router or modem and ensure they are plugged in. Restart both before reviewing the settings of each device that are running your IPTV subscription. If the problems persist, your ISP might be blocking traffic for IPTV. Try out another ISP connection to resolve this. The problems should end once you do.

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